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Spring 99 Bowlathon

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Contestant' Day & New England Youth Conference 1998

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Contestant's Day & New England Youth Conference '99

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Youth Camp '99

National Session  in Maine, November 1999 2000 Contestant's Day in Bradford, VT drillteam8_neyc2000_small.jpg (2003 bytes)

New England Youth Conference in Vermont

2000 Family Camp
2000 Fall Bowl-a-thon 2000 Youth Camp    
1999 was a busy year for me.  I was asked to be on the Vermont State Youth Committee.  We started with the Spring Bowl-a-thon, held Contestant's Day in June, went right into Youth camp the next weekend, travelled to NEYC in Storrs Connecticut in July, held the fall bowling tournament in August and went to State Session in October.  My husband & I went to National Session in November which was in Maine.  We brought our niece Erin & her friend Jamie.

In 2000, we moved Contestant's Day to April.  We thought this would allow the winners more time to raise money to pay their way to the NEYC.  We then dove right in to planning NEYC which we hosted in Poultney Vermont this year.  That made for a pretty hectic July because right after NEYC was Family Camp & a Youth Grange meeting the next 2 weekends.   We had one week off & then held our fall Bowl-a-thon.  The very next weekend was Youth Camp.  Personally, I then had to go home & finish the signs for our fair booth which needed to be setup the Friday after Youth Camp.  The next day we started practicing our Rose Drill for State Session.

Yikes! Busy as a bee - thank goodness State Session is less than 2 months away.   After that, we'll start next year's drill team!