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2000 Fall Bowl-a-thon


erin_fall2000.jpg (69348 bytes)

Erin Kirkpatrick

ashley_fall2000.jpg (70402 bytes)

Ashley Foell

cheryl_fall2000.jpg (65824 bytes)

Cheryl Manning - Youth Committee

kelly_fall2000.jpg (57493 bytes)

Kelly Kirkpatrick - note in the background, the ball is in the gutter.  This is where Kelly's ball spent most of the day.

kelly2_fall2000.jpg (60815 bytes)

Kelly again - note in the background - only one pin left standing.  Hey, it happens.


  This year the funds were raised for the Foster Parents Association.  The fall bowling monies are kept in the state & will be used for camp scholarships for Foster children.  I don't have the final total, but VT raised over $800 from both tournaments.