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2000 Youth Camp


Pictures not developed yet.

Another small turnout this year, but we still had fun.  Leann Larson & her daughter came from Montana to represent the National Youth Team.  They were a great team.  Leann presented a great lecture on Grange committees - the roles of the chairmen & members. 

Friday night started with a dinner of mini-pizzas & salad.  We then had a few mixers & an opportunity for the kids to get to know each other better.  Later we built a bonfire & had S'mores (a delicious camp treat made with graham crackers, chocolate & toasted marshmallows.)  Believe it or not, there were actually a few campers that had never had S'mores.  We then had campfire sing-alongs & palyed a few games of volleyball by the big house.  Leann arrived about 11:30 that night after spending the entire day travelling to get here.

Saturday morning started early with a pancake breakfast.  We then had a Youth Grange meeting at 9:30.  Leann presented her workshop during the Lecturer's Program.   After a Taco bar lunch, we had several workshops.  The kids made a decoupage picture frame in the first craft workshop.  Michael Holden & Cheryl Manning held a Sign-a-song workshop.  They gave the kids the signs for America the Beautiful, which will be presented at the State Session in October.  Later workshops were mask-making.  On Saturday night of State Session there will be a dance with a Mardi Gras theme, where the masks will be given out.  We also worked on a banner that will be used in the parade at the Big E (Eastern States Exposition) on Sunday September 24th.

Lydia Taylor taught a CPR class & many kids received their CPR certification.   After a lasagna dinner there was a little bit of downtime before we had our youth dance, hosted by Justin "Cool Dude" Haynes, DJ.  Lights were out a little earlier on Saturday night because everyone was tired from the day's activities.

On Sunday morning, we had eggs for breakfast.  An Inspirational service led by Cheryl Manning, Grange Ambassador, included signing the song the kids had learned the day before.  The kids were also asked to fill out Spirit of the Grange nominations which will be judged & sent on to Nationals.  They also voted for the camp awards, like cleanest & messiest cabin, funniest camper, etc.  After a luch of build your own sandwiches & leftovers, awards were presented & kids were sent on their way.  

Some of the awards were:

Ashley Foell, 1st place Decoupage craft

Becky Taylor, 3rd place Decoupage

Cabin 4 - messiest & noisiest cabin (kind of goes hand-in-hand.)