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Contestant's Day, 1998

At Contestant's Day on June 20,1998 our Drill Team competed at the state level.  There were 2 teams entered & despite my messups, we finished first.  (Another very good reason for me to retire to coaching.  "Those who can't - teach.") 

Other winners that went on to the New England Youth Conference in Connecticut were - Kim Holden & Sue Reed for Lip Sync, Mike Holden for Public Speaking & Sign-a-song.

Tracy Lockwood was chosen to be our Female Youth Ambassador & Chipper Gibbs was the Male Youth Ambassador.  They represented Vermont at the National Session in North Carolina.

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Pix from Contestant's Day 98

'98 New England Youth Conference - Massachusetts

At the conference - held at Mount Holyoke in Massachusetts - It was well attended by Vermont Youth - there were at least 24 youth & 4 senior youth.

On Saturday, we had several workshops that were well attended.  There was a date rape workshop, a "Promoting the Grange" workshop given by Jeff Wetzel, National Youth Director & one other promotion workshop.

The Public Speaking & Sign-a-song competitions were on Saturday afternoon.  Michael tied with Cindy Lawson for first place in the Sign-a-Song contest.  He went to the National Conference in North Carolina.  There was a mix up & only one contestant from New England was judged, and Cindy won first place! 

Saturday night was the banquet & lip sync contest.  Susie & Kim did well, but they finished out of first place.

Sunday morning brought the Drill Team competition.  All contestants were very nervous.  We had a full roster of all 6 states entering a drill team so it was a long morning.  In the end, New Hampshire finished first in what I would describe as a modified country ho-down style of drill.  I believe Rhode Island finished second & Maine 3rd.  Vermont had a rough time & was very glad to finish fourth followed by Massachusetts, in full Scottish regalia, finishing 5th.  Connecticut was in a transition year with new coaching & they finished 6th.

Mount Holyoke was a beautiful campus & the Massachusetts Youth Department were gracious hosts.  We had a great time.

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