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Family Camp 2000

Family Camp was held at the Vermont Grange Center in Brookfield again this year.  It was held July 21st thru 23rd, and I know I needed the break after the Youth Conference & just before Youth Weekend.
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The camp was run by Ray Haynes & Gloria Aldrich (left, with Ray's sister Alice.)   They are Vermont State Grange Assistant Steward & Lady Assistant Steward.

familycamp2000.jpg (42474 bytes) E2 of our younger campers
FSitting left to right:

Ruth Quintin, Sara Quintin, Karen Kirkpatrick, Lydia Taylor (back to camera), Erin Kirkpatrick.

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Some of the weekend activities were: Phase 10, Cribbage, Croquet, Checkers & Horseshoe tournaments.  Judging for the Home Ec projects was on Saturday.   There was also a dance on Saturday night.  They server over 120 for lunch on Saturday, not all stayed the night, but it was a very good turnout for Family Camp this year.

Awards were announced on Sunday & I was very pleased when my afghan entry finished first.  But how fair is this? My afghan gets to go to National Session in California while I stay home.

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GCampers in our cabin: back row - Me, ___, Ashley Foell, Kara Haynes, Emily, Becky & Lydia Taylor

sitting - Karen & Kelly Kirkpatrick,  Sara Quintin, Erin Kirkpatrick & Jamie Favaloro

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