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This is my oldest niece, Cindy.

Born Cynthia Jeanne Taylor on May 8, 1976.  Cindy graduated from Mill River High School in 1994 & went on to Castleton State College.  She graduated with a BS in Psychology in 1998 & is working on her Master's degree now.








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Cindy married Jason Patch on June 5th 1999.  Click on the thumbnail pictures below to see them full size.

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Lydia, Cindy, Jason, Roy

Cindy's Mom & Dad

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Patty, Cindy, Jason, Jerry

Jason's Mom & Dad

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Cindy, Jason, Becky & (Cindy's sister & cousin), Junior Bridesmaids.

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Best Man, Cody next to Jason, Cindy with all the Ushers.

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Jason & Cindy with their grandmothers - my mom is on the right.

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Jason & his brother, Best Man Cody

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Cindy & her bridal party - from left: Becky, , Holly, Gina & Maid of Honor, Valerie.

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Jason & his party animals, I don't know all their names.

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Valerie, Cindy, Jason & Cody.

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Valerie, Holly, , & Jason's mother Patty.

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