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Here is my niece Becky. She's my sister Lydia's youngest daughter. (You can see her older sister & her mom on my vacations page, I don't have any other pix of her scanned in yet.) Becky is 3 months older than Kelly.

She's quite a pistol, it's in her destiny to be an actress or a veterinarian. (An actress because she's so dramatic, a vet because animals instinctively love her, even Bud & Lou love her.)

Rebeccah Sue Taylor, born January 8, 1987.  It's a family joke that she was born on Elvis Presley's birthday because her father, Roy, is a big fan of Elvis' & has a complete collection of Elvis' records.  She could not possibly have been born on another day.

Becky goes to Mill River High School.  You can also see her pictures on my Grange Youth pages.  

BeckyApple.jpg (4057288 bytes)This is a picture of Becky from the Rutland Herald, during the annual Apple Festival in Middletown Springs.

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