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Steve & Sue's Page

My Grange Page

Grange Info, pix, youth activities & Grange Links

My X-Files Page

Being an XPhile, no site of mine would be complete without one...

My Family Page Family Pictures, a little history, genealogy sites.
The Dallas Cowboys My salute to the 'boys! (Under construction)
Recent trips Pix of Nawlins & Ireland.
Favorite Links Some of my favorite links to internet sites.

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Check out, & for free internet services like email & home pages. 

We've recently added the guest page stuff, so sign our book. If you'd like your own home page, check out Tripod gives free home pages & they let you store up to 11 MB for free! It's a great deal. Visit their site at

We've also just signed up far an Internet account through Globalnet ISP services. They are local to the Essex junction/Burlington, VT area. They are really inexpensive & very friendly. They are small enough to give you personal service, but they have 56 K lines as well. Check them out at


Steve & Sue

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