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New Orleans

This is from my trip to New Orleans. My sister, niece & friend Patty all invaded Patsy's house. (Patsy is, of course, the TAN one in the picture. This trip was, after all, in March!)

Back row: Sister Lydia, niece Cindy  & Patsy Gentry.

Front Row: Friend Patty Hebert & ME!

Patsy is mother to Maggie Ruth & grandmother to my boys. She also has Sassy Marie who is a little terror (oops, terrier) that lives up to her name.


We had a wonderful trip (my sister Lydia & I). We saw so many places & the people were so nice. I have to admit that some of them talk so fast that I couldn't understand what they were saying to me. Who knows what I got myself into while I was over there!

Any way, here's a collage of pix from my trip, I hope you like it (my first attempt at a collage like this!)