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F    Bud & Lou   F

This is Bud & Lou (Bud is the black one & Lou is the yellow one.) They really are brothers, but they aren't really mine, I adopted them. Bud looks like his Momma, Maggie Ruth who has since then passed on from this world. Lou looks like his Daddy, a wanderer who happened upon Maggie Ruth at an opportune moment.

Bud is the sweet tempered one ( he gets on with his big sister Shelby very well.) Lou is the dominant male. He is very affectionate with Bud, & very protective of him.

It's funny though, because Bud is the better hunter, but Lou spends more time out hunting. They are so proud of themselves when they catch something. They just can't understand why Mommy & Daddy throw out their hard earned trophies! (Yuck! Nothing like stepping on a dead mouse or bird!)