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Shelby.jpg This is Shelby. She's an 8 year old Black Lab. She's so funny, she's very sneaky. When we tell her not to do something, she tries to sneak around & do it when she thinks we're not watching. But she's a great guard dog. No one comes within 50 feet of our house without us knowing about it.

She's also the most disgusting dog. She burps, but she doesn't just burp, she waits until she gets in my face, THEN burps. She also grunts & groans when she tries to get in my lap (like it's so hard to be a 70 pound dog on somebody's lap!). And she snores! She's so noisy, & on occasion she has nightmares where she whimpers & barks, poor baby. I can't tell if Lou is tormenting her in her dreams, but I expect he is a constant source of aggravation to her. Even after 3 years, they still don't get along, but Bud adores her. Must be the common coloring, because they get along really well.

Shelby loves to ride in my truck. You know that Nissan commercial - "Dogs love trucks"? They must have known Shelby when they wrote that commercial.

But her most favorite thing in the world is water. We bought her a kiddie pool & all summer long it is filled & waiting for her. She knew exactly what it was for as soon as I brought it home. I started to fill it with water & before it was even an inch deep she was lying in it. We take her swimming in Waterville under this covered bridge. She thinks of it as her spot now & as soon as she gets out of the truck she scrambles down the bank & dives into the water.