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X World

Well, I'm not the world's biggest fan of the X-Files. There's way too many whacked out fanatics out there to even think of competing with them. However, I am a huge fan & do like quality stuff. So here's some of my favorites links & pix.  Here's the main X-Files site:

arcadia.jpg (64719 bytes)

Arcadia's Rob & Laura

xf1.jpg (61880 bytes)

Cool pic - Mulder & Scully

xf2.jpg (39649 bytes)

Nice Close up of David & Gillian

cancerman.jpg (11340 bytes)


mulder1.jpg (25265 bytes)

David Duchovny

Krycek1.jpg (5960 bytes)

Alex Krycek, aka Rat Boy, aka Nicolas Lea

David1.jpg (48499 bytes)

David Duchovny

teacup.jpg (56586 bytes)

The "famous" teacup

Gillian1.jpg (38744 bytes)

Gillian Anderson

lonegun.jpg (47097 bytes)

The Lone Gunmen, Langley, Frohike, Byers - the coolest Geeks on TV.

David2.jpg (35360 bytes)

David Duchovny

DeanArt1.jpg (21702 bytes)

Dean Haglund's (Langley) drawing.

Gillian2.jpg (66069 bytes)

No confusing Gillian with Scully here!

krycek.jpg (15390 bytes)

Krycek again

DeanArt2.jpg (29267 bytes)

More Dean H Art

xfiles3.jpg (18026 bytes) ccddga.jpg (120764 bytes)

The Trio

DeanArt3.jpg (26651 bytes)

My fave Dean Art

rollingstone.jpg (32144 bytes)  

ttiot.jpg (18022 bytes)

TV Show opener


XFiles1.jpg (68908 bytes) xfiles2.jpg (57064 bytes) xfiles_stamp.jpg (16040 bytes) XFCOLLG.jpg (111292 bytes) maddean.jpg (57786 bytes)
Gillian3.jpg (47072 bytes) RobandLaura.jpg (14415 bytes)

Arcadia screen shot.

I_want_to_believe.jpg (31824 bytes)

... really, I do.

Fight the Future Movie Poster

Dksbadge.jpg (11660 bytes)


mulder.jpg (16777 bytes)

FTF Mulder

scully.jpg (68234 bytes)

FTF Scully

skinner.jpg (37470 bytes)

FTF Skinner

xfrescue.jpg (16557 bytes)

FTF Rescue from Spaceship

xfkiss.jpg (44230 bytes)

FTF Near miss

Gillian4.jpg (60718 bytes)        

Hope you like these pics.  More will be coming soon.  I have to scan in all the XF articles that I've collected over the years.

Below are some of the best X-Files sites that I have found (although there are thousands more!)

The Squirrel's Nest
Cathy's XF Postcards
Dana Scully Site
Dean Haglund's Site (Langley of the Lone Gunmen)
XFiles Multi Media Site - slightly crippled by Fox, but still very good.
Shoot Schedule for the XF
Tiny Dancer's Site
Gillian Anderson/Dana Scully Worship sites

Nicolas Lea's site (Rat Boy - Krycek)
Various X-Files sites.

Sites I haven't visited yet-








There's also the newsgroup for the X-Files -  An interesting mix of X-Files discussion & threads that can be way off topic.  They're not very tolerant of newbies, but it's an interesting group to lurk in for a while.  Check out some of the past conversation threads at:  Use Guest, and Guest as password