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Colchester Grange #456

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Still updating this page - In the meantime, I have to brag a bit.  Our booth took 3rd place at the Chittenden County Fair in Essex Jct, VT in 1999.  Update:  We took First Place this year at the fair - we were thrilled.  We put lots of pictures of activities in & lots of info about all of the different Grange programs.  It paid off with a First Place finish!


Email links to several Colchester Grange members:

Sue Powers-Bellew  

Erin Kirkpatrick       

Sara & Ruth Quintin

Ashley Foehl

Our meetings are held the first Friday of every month at 8:00 PM.  We hold our meetings in Colchester at the United Church of something - can't remember the name right now.  It's the brick church right at the light in the center of Colchester Village.