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Drill Team 98

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Our Drill Team finished first in the state competition & 4th at the New England Youth Conference in Massachusetts

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Erin & Kelly

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Front Row: Kim Holden, Ann ___, Tonya Lockwood.  First Standing: Erin Kirkpatrick, Kendra Reed, Becky Manning, Sue Powers (Me!).  Second Standing: Kara Haynes, Veronica Nantel, Jody & Kelly Haynes.  Back Row: Susie Reed, Michael Holden.

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Drill Team 99

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The Man in Black +7 team finished first in Vermont and 3rd at the NEYC in 1999.

Front Row: Justin Haynes. Middle Row: Erin Kirkpatrick, Jamie Favaloro, Cheryl Manning, Kara Haynes, Jody Haynes.  Back Row: Tammy Lockwood, Veronica Nantel