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William David Powers, born May 3rd, 1949.  He is the oldest son of our parents, John & Barbara.  Bill was named after our maternal grandfather William Hinckley.

Bill was in the last class to attend high school in Middletown Springs, our father's alma mater.   After his freshman year the school was changed to elementary only & he atttended West Rutland High School.

After high school, Bill joined the Navy & stayed in for 20 years.  He was stationed in (not in this order) Wales, Nova Scotia, Iceland, Washington state & the Phillippines (where he met his former wife, Terry) among other places.  Bill & Terry were married Feb 3, 1973.  They have one son, Jeff.  Bill retired as a Chief Petty Officer in 1988 (?)

He now lives in Rutland & has his own contracting business.  He buys old houses & fixes them up.  It makes good use of his electrical training but doesn't sound like much of a retirement to me!!!


This cool looking dude is my nephew Jeff Powers.  This was taken at Cindy's wedding.  I don't have many recent pix of Jeff because he is spending much of his time travelling around, but as I locate them, I'll scan them & add them to this page.

Jeffrey Lawrence Powers, born December 13th, 1973.  He graduated from Proctor High School in 1991.

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